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Where's the beef? It's in the same place
as these hopelessly out of date shirts. The trouble with the news is that it doesn't stay new for very long. In fact it goes bad faster than milk in the sun. In much the same way, these shirts, which all had to do with timely events, have gone sour and are on their way to becoming cottage cheese. But just because they're not popular doesn't mean that we don't have some left, and so we put them here, in our museum, or rather, our museum gift shop.

Buy one and pretend like you've been in a coma for six months.


"Uncircumcised" White T-shirt"Uncircumcised" White T-shirtLet 'em know, just so theres no surprises. After all, there's almost no social faux-pas worse than going to bed with someone and surprising them with your foreskin.

Also a good way to let people know that you're european, if you happen to be european.

"I Hate This School" White T-shirt"I Hate This School" White T-shirtA variation on the classic formula: I hate this (noun). Hell, wear one even if you don't hate your school-- it's better than being naked.

"I Hate This School" White T-shirt ihwhittshirChoose: 
"This Job Sucks" White t-shirt"This Job Sucks" White t-shirtEspecially suitable for "casual fridays". Wearing one may immediately preclude termination from your job, which could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

"This Job Sucks" White t-shirt thiswhittshiChoose: 
I Hate The Internet White T-shirtI Hate The Internet White T-shirtYou hate the internet? That's funny, we hate the internet too. What are the chances...

I Hate The Internet White T-shirt ihatinwhittsChoose: 
"Circumcised" White T-shirt"Circumcised" White T-shirtAn excellent way to let girls know that you don't have one of those gross dog penises.

You're With Stupid White T-shirtYou're With Stupid White T-shirtA variation on a timeless phrase. We've specially treated these shirts to make your blood easier to wash out of them.

You're With Stupid White T-shirt yourwitstupwChoose: 
I'm Not Gay - White T-ShirtI'm Not Gay - White T-ShirtTired of having the wrong kind of person buy you drinks? Maybe you're a straight boy, but just a little effeminate, or a girl who's kind of tough. Or maybe you just need to have it written on you to remind you every once in a while.

For anyone who's ever had to say anything like "Uhhh, well, I'm flattered, really, but you see I'm not like that." A bargain at ten bucks, considering the trouble it could save you.

I'm Not Gay - White T-Shirt imnotgayChoose: 
Yeah, right.  "I Started The Wave"Yeah, right. "I Started The Wave"It doesn't matter who wins or loses, "I Started The Wave". Baseball is just an entertainment like watching commercials is so why should people be suprised that none of the players care about the "All-Star" Game. Heck, what if a player got hurt or something and would not be able to play with his/her team in some hot cement sweat factory in the Mid-East. I only go to the baseball games to "Start the Wave". And if anyone is in doubt who started the wave, I just point to my stupid word shirt.

Wear this to the baseball games and see yourself on the Jumbo-Tron. After all, everyone likes the guy who starts the wave. And even if you're not the big loudmouth who can get it going, you'd might as well take the credit for it.

Yeah, right. "I Started The Wave" yeahrigisChoose: 
"I Hate This Family" White T-shirt"I Hate This Family" White T-shirtThere's wearing your heart on your sleeve, and the there's wearing your ire on your chest. Anyone can wear one of these.

"I Hate This Family" White T-shirt ihwhittshir3Choose: 
"Life Sucks" White t-shirt"Life Sucks" White t-shirtVery to-the-point. Let people know how you feel without even having to open your mouth.

I'm Already Gay White T-shirtI'm Already Gay White T-shirtIt's simple, it's to the point. Why go to all the trouble of coming out when you could just wear one of these snappy shirts? Say it loud and proud? The hell with that. Don't say it at all, save your breath and let the shirt say it for you.

Also makes an excellent gift for the child you know who's coming up "funny."

I'm Already Gay White T-shirt imalgaywhittChoose: 
"I HATE MY BROTHER" White T-shirt"I HATE MY BROTHER" White T-shirtThere's wearing your heart on your sleeve, and the there's wearing your ire on your chest. Anyone can wear one of these.

"I Hate My Sister" White T-shirt"I Hate My Sister" White T-shirtThere's wearing your heart on your sleeve, and the there's wearing your ire on your chest. Anyone can wear one of these.

"I'm Adopted" White t-shirt"I'm Adopted" White t-shirtSuitable for any family get-together. Buy several.

"Accident" White T-shirt"Accident" White T-shirtWear one every so often just to let your parents know what screw-ups they are.

"Born On Drugs" White t-shirt"Born On Drugs" White t-shirtWearing one serves as a cover-all for almost any screw up that you cause. "Hey, don't blame me. I was born on drugs."

Bad Computer Day White T-shirtBad Computer Day White T-shirtYou'll wear one because you've had one, got it?

Bad Computer Day White T-shirt badcomdaywhi
"Don't touch My Head, Pervert" White T-shirt"Don't touch My Head, Pervert" White T-shirtMakes an excellent gift for alter boys.

Who's Your Father White T-shirtWho's Your Father White T-shirtIt's not so much that we mind hearing people ask "who's yo daddy?" in principle, but the abuse of grammar just drives us crazy.

And they say a degree in english isn't good for anything...

Who's Your Father White T-shirt whosyourfatwChoose: 
WWYD- What Would Yoda Do? White T-shirtWWYD- What Would Yoda Do? White T-shirtJesus, Buddha, Mohammid, other symbols of God... whatever. What we really want to know is What Would Yoda Do? Would he turn the other cheek, or would he maybe kick ass with his light saber? And for that matter, when was the last time you saw Jesus use the force?


WWYD- What Would Yoda Do? White T-shirt wwydwhatwoulChoose: 
Free Personality Test - White T-shirtFree Personality Test - White T-shirtPurchasing one of these shirts grants you the authority to administer personality tests to anyone who approaches you about them, and to pass or fail them as you see fit. If there's really a sucker born every minute, this shirt is the best way to draw them close to you.

"Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice your shirt. Would you mind giving me one of your personality tests? I can pay."

Free Personality Test - White T-shirt freperteswhi1choose: 
Dr. Pecker (Viagra Based Soda Additive White T-shirtDr. Pecker (Viagra Based Soda Additive White T-shirtWe don't see what's so smart about smart drinks. All the smart people we know are drinking Dr. Pecker. It quenches your thirst for soda and makes you thirsty for more carnal pursuits.

The secret ingredient is dried, ground up endangered-rhino penis.

Dr. Pecker (Viagra Based Soda Additive White T-shirt drpecviagbasChoose: 
Show Your Tits White T-shirtShow Your Tits White T-shirtyou remember "Shut Up, Bitch", well this is the English equivalent to crass and rude. The classic "Show Your Tits" design is one of England's finest calls to masculine behavior in public. When worn on a beer belly this shirt becomes a cry for help, "Stripper Please!" Anyway just remember you can only find it here, unless you fly to England.


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