Yeah, right. "I Started The Wave"
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It doesn't matter who wins or loses, "I Started The Wave". Baseball is just an entertainment like watching commercials is so why should people be suprised that none of the players care about the "All-Star" Game. Heck, what if a player got hurt or something and would not be able to play with his/her team in some hot cement sweat factory in the Mid-East. I only go to the baseball games to "Start the Wave". And if anyone is in doubt who started the wave, I just point to my stupid word shirt.

Wear this to the baseball games and see yourself on the Jumbo-Tron. After all, everyone likes the guy who starts the wave. And even if you're not the big loudmouth who can get it going, you'd might as well take the credit for it.

Once again, Baseball Loses - MSNBC