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I have been dealing with shortages from Alstyle and Tultex for years, to the point that I offer many alternatives and preach the mantra of be flexible, because you may have to use a different brand of t-shirt if you can't get the Tultex 0202 t-shirts or the 1301 Alstyle Triple A, AAA, tee shirts. Now Spectra Apparel is coming on the scene offering a blank set of t-shirts that I can offer the YQ Brand direct to you, my customers.

Spectra 2001 Basic T-shirt Wholesale durable tee shirt Tear Away Tags

spectra2001$3.25Choose:  Select:  Quantity:
2100 Spectra Wholesale T-shirt Ringspun Cotton Medium weight - under construction

2100SpectraChoose:  Select: 
Spectra 3100 Lightweight fitted t-shirt Wholesale t-shirts soft and thin - under construction

3100$3.75Choose:  Select: 

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