GrEmblems has replaced our phone emblem stickers as the final product for this category. Please click on this link to learn more about our grip stickers for mobile phones and iphones.

We have been finding a way to get into the phone business and although Y-Que isn't quite ready to build are own smart phone yet, (in development), we are ready to make your phone into a useful and decorative device. Currently there are some really great cell phone covers out there, especially for the iphone market. At Y-Que our boys in the backroom have been working on making some decorative emblems, or stickers, but with a 3-d texture to add to the options when it comes to decorating your phone. We have nicknamed these items as phone emblems since they are more like a raised emblem than a sticker, but the idea is the same as putting stickers on your skateboard or car.

Originally we thought that by using metals like copper, steel or brass, we could increase the signal that your phone may receive by putting these stickers on the back of a phone. After some unscientific test we can't really tell if this works or not, but in the meantime we have made a great line of phone emblems.

There are two variations on the phone emblem which are the standard metal phone emblem and the stamp phone emblem. The stamp phone emblem is a fun idea that by making the emblems out of rubber materials we were able to turn the phone into a stamping device. The average size of these phone emblems is a around 1.5" so that they will fit most phones. Also we are giving away a free emblem if you sign up for the new Alternative Ting mobile phone service. Check that out here: Ting $50 off coupon and article about the no-contract discount phone service

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