Ethos Cookies T-shirt Exotic Weed Cannabis Strains T-shirts Designs By WeedVanGogh Products in Los Angeles

New strain in Ethos Cookies bred with OG Kush for the summer of 2022, but has been retired as a strain. However, we used the pollen from this hybrid to make a variety of strains with the hopes of capturing the thick bud stacking and tight buds that come from the Ethos Cookes strain. I will list these new hybrids that have not been named and provide links. Once the Ethos Cookies x OG Kush F1 is named, it may play a role in named the new hybrid strains that are currently only in seed form.

Go here for more background on developing cannabis strains for Los Angeles and Hollywood delivery by WeedVanGrow


New Strain - Mother of a line of related cannabis strains coming in 2022 - Ethos Cookies x OG Kush F1 to be named
Related Strains bred from Ethos Cookies and OG Kush F1 - we no longer have the F1 strain, only strains made from the male pollen of this hybrid

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