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American Apparel T-shirts online wholesale pricing based on quantity, add +$1.00 for color t-shirts.
For Custom T-shirt Printing prices go to the Price Grid here.
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You only need to hit the order button once, then use the back button to return to purchase more shirts.
You can order Mens 2001 and Womens 2102 American Apparel t-shirts here.

Click "Update" in the cart and use the "Back" button to add different sizes and colors.You can mix and match any
combination of shirts to get wholesale pricing from this category of shirts. The "Add to Cart" button only needs to be
clicked once for each batch you are adding to the cart.

The order form is shown below in it's generic form. You can order here or on the form above for American Apparel basic T-shirts. You can mix and match any combination of shirts to get wholesale pricing from this Category of shirts. Then order the quantity of shirts you want for each size separately, you have to input the quantity for each size then click the "Order" button then click the "Keep Shopping" or "Back" button to make additional choices. You can adjust the quantities from the shopping cart when you are checking out before you complete your order. When you finish addinng shirts review your order before you check out. Click the images below to see other American Apparel styles in this Category.

American Apparel Womens WHolesale Baby Rib 4305 Girly Tee ShirtAmerican Apparel Mens Jersey T-shirts 2001 Wholesale blank T-shirtsAmerican Apparel Womens Jersey T-shirts 2102 Wholesale Blank T-shirts

If you are planning to have us do the custom printing, then please leave leave a note in the comments section indicating that your job is for "custom printing" and then send the artwork for your design or questions about screenprinting via email to:admin@yque.com. We prefer PSD or Illustrator EPS files or PDF files. Each color must be on a different layer or be seperable easily and made to the size that you want it printed. Please indicate the size in inches when you email the artwork. Artwork is not included in our online pricing system. The shipping cost will be calculated when you complete the order in the shopping cart.


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