When deciding which Mens shirt to get you first have to figure out if you want fitted t-shirts or regular sized t-shirts. The regular cut t-shirts are always a dollar or two cheaper than the fitted t-shirts because the cotton is not as refined and therefore not as soft as the lighter fitted shirts. As a result the fitted t-shirts are not as durable as the regular cotton t-shirts. The price range of regular t-shirts is around $2/ea up to $5/ea and the price range for the fitted t-shirts is $3 to $8/ea. Below you will find links for each type of shirt with a rough idea of the price range.

Fitted Men's American Apparel T-shirts from $8 to as low as $4.50/ea

Standard Full Cut Mens Hanes 5180 Beefy T T-shirts as low as $4/ea

Standard Full Cut Mens Gildan 5000 Economical T-shirts on sale for $1.65/ea on white

Jerzee Men's T-shirts

YQ Brand Men's T-shirts

Alpha AAA Brand Men's T-shirts

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