I am expanding the shipping options for international orders of blank t-shirts and the territories we ship to. International wholesale t-shirt orders require prepay via wire transfer prior to shipment. These orders sometimes require the country of origin documents in some cases which can delay processing, as well as, the receiver of the products will be responsible for taxes and duties. This is the list of countries that we are currently filling international orders for. If you need a shipping quote and time estimate email Bill W at admin@yque.com

Australia Shipping Wholesale T-shirts Internationally Blank T-shirts only

Canada Shipping Wholesale T-shirts Blank T-shirt orders only

UK United Kingdom International shipping cost Wholesale T-shirts via Fedex

Denmark International Shipping Rates Wholesale T-shirts via FedEx

France International Shipping rates via Federal Express Wholesale t-shirts in bulk

New Zealand International Shipping Rates for Wholesale T shirts via Fed Ex

Japan International shipping Rates Wholesale T shirts in bulk via Fedex

Germany International Shipping Rates Via Federal Express Cost for Wholesale T-shirt in bulk

Shipping Charges and Shipping Policy

International Documents required for United States Export of Wholesale bulk T-shirts

International import duties and taxes for t-shirts

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