The international shipping terms to UK United Kingdom are not flexible:

Order enough items to make it worthwhile, 35-144pcs. Don't order the cheapest items or you'll be paying more for shipping than the product is worth. All orders are Pre-pay via wire transfer, cover all duties and taxes, pay the shipping cost and be patient. All back orders will be canceled and there are no returns. We are not responsible for reshipping lost or stolen orders. We will only reship or reimburse if we receive payment, including shipping cost, from the shipper.

The most important information besides the cost of the goods is the Country of Origin of the t-shirts and the requirements for documents for the country that is importing the t-shirts. Under $2500 there is usually a commercial invoice, up to 4 copies, the Airbill and sometimes a Certificate of Origin. Here is a list of some of the general types of documents that may be necessary for importing a typical $1000 order.

Commercial Invoice

Pro Forma Invoice

Certificate of Origin

Air Waybill

Destination Control Statement

Harmonized code for the product 610990

Electronic Export Information (EEI) Formerly Known As Shipper's Export Declaration (SED)

Duties and taxes are collected by the importing country and are the responsibility of the importer. Estimating the importing duties and taxes for any given country is as much an art as a science. It can cost more for the taxes in some countries as it cost for the products themselves. Don't import t-shirts if you aren't willing to deal with determining the taxes and duties because there is no way around them and the import duties, taxes and fees will need to be paid for the products can be delivered.

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