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Chirstmas Gift Ideas and Buying Guide from Y-Que

Lo and Behold! It's Christmas time, AGAIN, and no better time to start marketing ridiculous things that will make your Christmas shopping easier than now. So armed with the Y-Que Christmas Buyers Guide you can do some damage to your shopping list right here.

First off, Cheap is Chic: Buying a Christmas Gift does not have to be hurt. Cheap Christmas presents are the new broke, so don't worry about not spending much money.

Numero Dos: Quirkiness is divine. Get things for people that don't make a lick of sense. There is more fun in getting someone a gift that is unexpected.

Thirdly: Things made by people, real people, using their hands and their brains are more interesting than things made by machines and slaves. It won't change the world overnight, but a real person will be able to pay for their own dinner if you buy a thing that was made by hand. Otherwise it is only helping the bottom line of some statistics based corporation. Stop feeding the Pig.

Funny Christmas Tree Ornaments
Funny Christmas Tree Ornaments

Monkey Jesus Christmas Candles - Seven Day Candles Ecce Mono

Top Selling Christmas Items for 2012 from Y-Que

Breaking Bad Candy Christmas Ornament - Heisenberg Head Drawing Shape
Breaking Bad Candy Christmas Ornament - Heisenberg Head Drawing Shape


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