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YQ  Printed Wholesale T-shirt Affiliate Program

Start your own online t-shirt selling business by selling our designs through your website. Run your own t-shirt business, collect the money etc... To sell our t-shirts online you simply email us for an image of the shirt you want to sell on your website. Place the t-shirt online at the price you want to sell it at in your shopping cart then once you get an order and collect the money for the item (including shipping) input the information into our website with your information in the billing section. When you input your affiliate coupon code the wholesale pricing will be shown and you keep the difference. On affiliate orders we won't include an invoice, only a packing slip with the order. You can get your wholesale code by joining our wholesale t-shirt affiliate program here. The basic wholesale discount is 30% on printed shirts only . So on a t-shirt that cost $16 shirt you can make approx $5/ea. This program is only available for our specialty screen printed t-shirts.


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