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Sell Political Merchandise in your area of the country for the 2020 Presidential Elections to raise funds or make a profit - Wholesale political t-shirts are a great way to stay engaged in the issues of our times. Use our designs or make your own at discounted and wholesale printing prices to promote causes or to make a living.

The political season is upon us and it just happens to coincide with springtime and t-shirt weather. To develop a ground up market for political t-shirts we are making a plan to sell wholesale t-shirts in small quantities to individuals or groups that want to raise money, or sell our designs directly at discounted prices.

The process that we use is screenprinting, but we have also added screen print transfers to facilitate getting items on the go and making shirts more economical for political events. This structure will work for t-shirts, stickers, buttons and trucker hats.

Union Made t-shirts are also available upon request, but the cost are significantly higher and inventory fluctuates for specific colors. Shipping is not included at these prices, but will be added separately.

Once you are approved to be able to sell merchandise at wholesale and discounted prices so you can get out there and make things happen in your part of the country for the 2020 political campaigns. We will have designs and merchandise for all of the candidates for the Democratic Presidential Primaries including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Bloomberg, Biden and others.

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