Wholesale Candles Printed

Wholesale Pillar Candles 4 inch wide by 6 inch tall scented or unscented

Our larger Wholesale Candles that last almost forever. These candles for sale online are made from a high quality parafin wax and are available for discounts for bulk orders. Wholesale candle orders are processed manually. The candles are richly scented scents are pure essential oils and are matched appropriately to the colors. We are the manufacturer and direct distributor of these candles. These are handmade candles in the USA and available for printing with our printed line or for special occasions.

These pillar candles are also available in other sizes at wholesale prices. Custom printing is also available for special events.

We are merging our printing candle skills with a wholesale candle manufacturer to work directly with the candle shop to expand our pillar candles lines. The information for direct bulk online orders of scented candles and wholesale pillar candles can go here at Mill Valley Candles .com

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