Multiply your regular printing price quote by 2 for a quote using water-based inks. They don't always work on dark garments, but we can do some one-color artwork on dark colored shirts with water based inks. Each screen cost $30 for waterbased t-shirt printing so the setup cost depend on the number of colors in your design. Discharge ink is not the same as water based and requires additional cost, as well as, special handling once the shirts are completed. Search discharge printing.

For water based t-shirt printing inks the minimum production quantity is 144pcs and the tshirt printing prices double from what is shown below and screens per color cost $30/ea. If you are planning to print on dark garments with water-based multiply the prices three times. Finally, for discharge inks we suggest washing before selling. Add $1.50/ea garment if we need to execute the washing step.

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