T-shirt Transfer Printing and Tee shirt Transfer Papers

There are three main types of t-shirt transfer processes, digital transfer printing for t-shirts, screen printing transfer papers for tee shirts and sublimation transfer papers for tshirt printing.

Have you noticed that many of the other tee shirt websites on the interweb don't provide you a choice of garment and if they do, the designs only come on a white or light colored t-shirts? If so you are becoming aware of the fact that many of the products that these t-shirt design sites are offering are based on "transfer" t-shirt technology, aka iron-ons. Here at Y-Que, we screenprint our t-shirt designs, by hand & human operated machine, which means we can put any design that we offer on any color or type of shirt that we offer, including black and dark shirts. Your shirts are made fresh, just like you expect your food to be made when you go into a restaurant. Screenprinting is a more durable product than transfers that often fade out after a few washes or crack in a hot dryer. Don't get fooled again, buy only screenprinted tees and keep your local punks off the street.

T-shirt Screen Printing versus ink jet Transfers and Screen Printed Transfer Paper transferprintingQuantity:

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