Other Questions

What is Screen Printing: T-shirt printing is a craft that requires printable artwork and a multitude of decisions about the types, sizes and garments that you want printing.

Getting a Quote: If you can answer the questions that are required to get a job done, then it shouldn't be a problem at executing the task at an affordable cost. However, if you don't know what you want and can't figure out how to do the artwork then you will be limited to using a simplistic interface or paying to have someone design your job.

Artwork: Most jobs can't start, or even provide a quote, unless you know what type of artwork you want on the shirt and the rough dimensions that you want the design printed. 1-2 Solid colors, no shading, tends to work best because the artwork is the easiest to prepare. Also the standard maximum dimensions for a simple job measures between 10" width to 12" height. Lastly front and back printing on white or black shirts covers 80% of most jobs and if you want something different than that, then the dimensions and placement of the artwork should be discussed while acquiring the quote. Most artwork is emailed in an EPS, PSD or PDF file format at the size that you want the design printed.

More Cost Less: Printing prices generally get cheaper as you get more and the typical minimum quantity for a simple job is around 24pcs.

Shirt Prices: Shirt prices vary based on the quality and brand and typically color shirts are about $1.00 more than white t-shirts are.

Different Sized Artwork: If you are considering doing very small sizes for kids and adults or a different sized design for womens shirts then it would be priced as two separate jobs.

Shipping Estimates: Shipping is often calculated to be about 50 cents a shirt at the most in the US for 50 shirs or more. Prices for shipping can get down to 30 cents each at higher quantities and as much as $1.00/ea at 12-24pcs.

International Orders: Most international inquires are fraudulent, as well as, we can't track international shipments easily. These facts make it very difficult to take in a custom job for international customers. Keep in mind we create many hoops for our international customers to jump through because we don't have any recourse if we get ripped off.

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