Ting Savings Calculator

The embedded Ting calculator did not work on my web pages, but I ran a test chart on my savings from moving multiple lines over from AT&T and this is what I got.

I had 4 lines with a basic cost of $90 for the plan, $30 for unlimited texting, then another $35 per line for 6 gigs of data. Still my phone bill creeped up to nearly $300 a month. I cut two lines and I am still at $200 a month. WTF. $80 for the main line, $30 for texting and $30 for two lines at 3 gigs a month in data. This is a move I had to make to keep from being behind on my cell phone bill all the time. Now let's see if it works on Ting.

If you want to try Ting, please use this coupon link and you'll get a $25 off credit, which you can use to buy a new or refurbished phone, plus Y-Que will get a credit for referring you. Thank us later.


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