Making Mask for the Coronavirus - COVID-19 There is no direct path, but we must head down this road

I have opened the can of worms and I won't put the lid back on. I thought I would buy a few masks one day to give away for free at political rallies and now I find myself trying to manufacture them at a time when the supply chain for the raw materials may be going into hiding as businesses slow down and close up during the coronavirus scare. I am not sure I can finish the job, but now that I have started this project I just can't stop.

It is a job for professional manufacturers, but the project looked so simple at the outset. The basic idea is printable cotton masks that can be washed and sanitized for reuse. COVID-19 has changed many things in our day-to-day lives and what we wear outside is going to be different now that we have to deal with an invisible enemy. Contamination by the novel coronavirus is considered a contact enterprise and protective barriers can play a role in limiting out exposure to this virus.


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