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I completed step one of the sign up process for the Ting Phone Service. The problems are that I had to put down a phone number, so I hope that does not indicate that I am switching my phone number to Ting, because I am not quite ready to do that. I expected to see a screen to select a new number, kind of like Magic Jack does, but it never appeared. Also I was not sure if I selected a plan, but I must assume this will come after I receive the new phone. I purchased the Samsung flip phone and after the $50 coupon (now only $25 credit) was applied it cost approximately $25. The phone will not arrive for 10 days via Fed Ex. I was able to use a gift card to pay for the phone, but once again, I must assume this is not for recurring billing of any kind, which is why I used a gift card to pay for the phone.

This is the happy drawing and message that was displayed upon completion of the purchase, I hope I can jump that high when I get my phone: You will receive your device in the mail in 5 to 10 business days. When you do, come back to Ting and log in to activate your device.

To get your $50 off coupon to test and do a comparison of the Ting Cell Phone service plans go here.

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