Space Shuttle Rust Bucket Christmas Ornament

This item is made from cold casting in the shape of the Space Shuttle with atomized steel and allowing it to weather. Thus the rust effect, which on this item is through and through. As the Space Shuttle comes to an end I hold a place in my heart for the technological advancement that promoted Space Truckin' during my lifetime and seeing it go on it's last flight marks the time that has passed in my life, 30 friggin' years.

Shuttle Launch Schedule via NASA.

I saw the first Space Shuttle take off from Cape Canaveral Florida and if possible I think I will travel to see the last one land if the current mission is postponed. Either way I have made these Christmas Ornaments that represent what happens with even the most high-tech of machines, they decay. Hang this unique item on your tree and keep the Shuttle alive. This ornament is about 2.5" high.


Space Truckin' by Deep Purple - Machine Head

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