You have no real job, but you work 16 hours or more a day delivering food, charging scooters or pretending to be a cab driver. This is the life of the Side Hustle in the Gig economy. No rights, no job, no insurance, just endless work and promises of bonus's that never come. Arbitrary rule and pay changes and no protection, warning or voice in the way things are done. SHU knows you have no choice and have to do what you do to get by. It's your right to survive and do what it takes to make a living, but it is time that corporations and disrupters profit from exploiting the underemployed. SHU is an attempt to organize a disparate workforce that is gaining in popularity by companies that call themselves innovators, when all their success is based on exploiting a population that has not voice and therefore no right to things that a normal job might provide. Fight for your rights and organize.

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