Wholesale Candles Printed

Y-Que is teaming up with a USA Candle manufacturer to combine our screen printing skills, mold making patent pending technologies and high quality candle manufacturing infrastructure to offer a unique line of custom printed and private label screen printed candles, molded candles and scented or unscented candles for wholesale production. This is not an easy business to compete in online as there are plenty of cheap candles from asia and a wide range of methods for putting images onto candles, but we feel our products are unique enough to satisfy the discerning customers demand for truly special products in the candle product category. The basic candles being used will be pillar candles of the small to medium size range with a wide range of scents and colors. Small production runs will be accepted for blank candles, screen printed candles and molded candles with images or text inlayed into the wax directly.

Candle Manufacturer USA - Made in USA Candles

Candle Manufacturer USA - Made in USA Candles candlefactory

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