Screen coated for Discharge ink printing - Silk Screen coated and exposed for Discharge t-shirt inks

Discharge inks are water based, but they are also severly damaging to regular plastisol emulsions and regular water resistant emulsions. Some companies have developed special emulsions that are hardened to deal with the durability issues associated with printing discharge inks. This charge is for exposing and coating a screen, basic 16" X 19" outside dimension, wooden frame, with discharge ink compatible emulsion and exposing a 10" X 12" design for t-shirt printing. Screen printing discharge inks requires special handling and learning about the expectations and limitations of discharge inks is important to successfully using this process for t-shirt printing. We will be expanding our information available for discharge printing as there have been some big developments in discharge inks and I now feel comfortable with promoting discharge printing for the retail market.


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