Rafting the LA River - Whitewater Rafting on Los Angeles River

All of my post are in the context of a t-shirt design and today I am going to test my inflatable raft on the LA River. I purchased an inexpensive old Avon dinghy that has a leak and am going to toss it in at the Golf Course in Los Feliz and ride rapids of the LA River. There is a man-made ramp of sorts that goes under Los Feliz Blvd and it should provide entertainment for this short test trip. Ideally I want to see if the raft holds air, if it will allow 1-2 people to stay afloat and if the current will move the boat down the Los Angeles River. It's a Saturday in June, no better time to start this adventure. Of course the new design is Raft (or Ride) the LA River.

I put on some dirty clothes and rolled out the raft. The other day I purchased a foot pump with an assortment of adapters in the hopes that one of them would work for connecting to the raft. I played with the nozzles and got one to fit in the hole well enough that it looked like it would work once I get over to the river. 7 a.m and I'm ready to raft.


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