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Platypus Banana Cream T-shirt - kinda a gopher-like duck thingee

If the platypus isn't an argument against intelligent design, I don't know what is. Here are some interesting platypus facts you can dole out when asked about your handsome Platypus T-Shirt.

1. They are mammals, but lay eggs. 2. They're venomous. No, seriously. The males have venom. Then again, wouldn't you? It has little spikes on its hind legs that inject poison into whatever's messing with it which, reportedly, hurts like crazy. And it's still a mammal. 3. They growl. The sound of which is like nothing you've ever heard, and those who have heard it are marked for life. You can see it in their eyes. 4. The female has a pair of ovaries and only the left one works.

How popular are you going to be at parties dawning your very own Platypus T-Shirt? Very! Platypus t-shirt design shown here on different color shirts.

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