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Archived item, not for sale

This item is a Photo Fresco print that is a photographic image set in wet plaster so that the pigments are bonded into the gypsum based material while the plaster sets. The effect is a graphic that is a part of the casted material itself without using glues and sealants to make the image adhere to the substrate. In this case the image is a pigment based print, but in some cases I use screen printed images or spray paint on top of the plaster to make the final graphic. In those cases I cannot legitimately call the effect a photo-fresco, but the fresco concept applies in that the graphic is being placed onto plaster based materials. These prints are available with or without the screen frame backing, which adds weight but provides a durable bumper and surface for mounting the piece to other surfaces (+20.00). Mounting hooks are casted into the top frame for easy hanging with and without the bumper wooden frame. The piece shown here is without the bumper frame. The outside dimensions with the bumper frame is 16" high by 19" wide. Click on the image for a larger view.

Photo Fresco Top Framed Brick Panel Print - Graphic Fresco on Brick Pattern photofrescobrick

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