Buying Crypto Currencies Cardano ADA for business purposes - Smart Contracts - Current Prices

Several things are important when using crypto-currencies to purchase items on the internet or elsewhere. Trust is number one. Smart Contracts are a way to insure that the parties involved in a transaction are satisfied before money is finally exchanged. Also agreeing on the current prices of items comes from the market price at any given time. Here are two markets beside Binance, that you can check the prices on for cryptocurrencies on the world markets:

Coin Market Cap - to check the dominant crypto market capitalizations.

World Coin Index for comparing prices on the world exchanges

Shiba inu, Shib, Polkadot Dot, Litecoin LTC, Tether USDT, Monero XMR, Bitcoin BTC, Iota as IOTA, Cardana ADA, Ethereum ETH, or Dogecoin DOGE


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