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Update: May 24, 2018 - The simplest and safest use of these Iotains is to send us your public code, for your own Iota Seed, and we will custom make some coins with that address on the back of the coin. On the front will be the Iota logo and you will be able to distribute these coins so others can send Iotas easily to your account.

The Iotain or Iota Coin is a creation made in the spirit of the infamous Hobo Nickels of the Great Depression of the early 20th Century. Those less fortunate, but artistic resourceful souls who had the skill would take a silver Buffalo Nickel and carve in an alternative image into the coin. After they made a new piece of work out of the nickel they would potentially sell the nickel for more money with their modified design. The designs were often carved into the head of the Indian on the front of the nickel and thus many of the designs were of similar character.

I have been experimenting with ways to add creative designs to coins and this project overlapped with my son's interest in Iota. He is a strong proponent of Iota and the more I learned about the tangle technology and the seed, the more this project made sense for use with iota versus the other cryptocurrencies. I'll explain more later, but for now I just want to present what I am calling the iotains. Iotains are a 3 layered nickel with QR codes adhered to nickels that direct the holder to the private and public key therein.

The idea that this is only a nickel inherently implies that the concept is not a full-proof secure method of holding or transferring large amount of iota or money. These iotains are for promotional purposes. After working with the seed concept I understand Iota functionality much more than I did before and it makes it a lot easier to explain the seed concept to others while holding a coin that has a graphic seed and public code on the physical coin versus waving my hands around or pointing to a screen.

This is a developing project, but I wanted to get something written to mark the first production of the Iotains. Click here to return to the main iotains information page.


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