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Payment Options: Visa and Mastercard and Paypal are the only payment options right now. No American Express. This is a wholesale t-shirt website for non-California customers and t-shirt printers. Credit card payments will show up as BlankTshirt.com

To avoid fraud we do not ship to alternate addresses or to unverified accounts. If you are in California and you do not have a wholesale business then please go here to place your order: Ekay.com

Shipping T-shirts at Low Prices is Easy, but Fraud Protection on the Internet isn't.

This information may seem redundant and repetitive, but we have to cancel 30% of our orders because the information on the order is not correct or is insufficient for us to ship the products. Here at BlankTshirt.com and YQue.com we feel are job is as much about preventing credit card fraud than selling t-shirts. Many people are using small phones instead of computers to place orders and get information and may type in their address or billing information incorrectly. A handheld smartphone just doesn't work for a complex blank t-shirt order. It might work for a printed t-shirt or a single item, but not for inputting sizes, colors and address information correctly. The other possibility is that the 30% of orders that we do cancel are real fraudulent orders and that's how we avoid wasting time and money for us and the person who really owns the credit card that is being used for an order. We don't know for sure who is on the other end of an order, so we have to proceed with caution.

What we do know is that doing business on the internet is risky for both parties and we are doing our best to identify legitimate orders and ship them as quick as possible while prohibiting fraudulent orders from being charged to begin with. Banks respect us and I would say all the same things if you called me on the phone, but I don't usually have the time to say it in this much detail. We want you to trust us, but we can only do this by implementing a strict policy on fraud for all orders until you are a regular customer. To keep your order from being placed on Hold or from being Cancelled, please, make sure you type your information correctly and follow these other security requirements, then we can do our job fast and efficiently. If you get the point you don't need to read on, but if you want to read more details, please continue.

Tips on getting your order Quickly:

I) Include a phone number when you place your order so that we can call you and resolve problems quickly.

II) Make sure your credit card information matches with what is on file with the credit card company. We are restricted from shipping to alternate addresses by the fraud protection policies in place for Visa and Mastercard for your protection, so your information must match what is on file with the credit card company. Anything that requires additional verification will potentially delay your order.

Note: Fraud on the internet is increasing at 160% per year.

We pride ourselves on the lack of effective problems that we have by following the rules that the credit card companies play by, especially on new customers and first time orders. The banks do not want to take responsibility for vendors, so we can only do business and keep the prices low if we both are protected. We do not have a long credit application process for accepting orders, so we have to be diligent on the orders we take and by following these rules and moving the legit orders out quickly. Text us your order number with the word "update" for a status report to: 213-308-2269.

III) Orders that are going to the billing address and that are verified often ship the same day and take only 3-4 days for delivery. Printed t-shirts, specialty products and Alstyle t-shirts take longer.

Not so secret, SECRET

I am just as concerned about fraud for my own online purchases and have recently gotten an as advertised, "Liquid", prepaid Visa card from Chase bank. This "credit card" allowed me to register my address for shipping verification purposes and order online the same day with only a single monthly fee of $4.95 and no fees to reload it, unlike other prepaid cards. I think this is the quickest alternative for using a credit card that is not tied to your entire banking account that is not as expensive as some of the other prepaid cards on the market. Your address still needs to match on our side, but it was easy and quick to set up this card with Chase.

IV) We are not currently accepting Paypal because there are too many orders that are requested to be sent to unverified customers that are trying to be shipped to unverified addresses. We like the Paypal service, but have had to discontinue using Paypal for now because of the lack of sufficient information with Paypal orders. Also they never include a phone number and it backlogs our system waiting for payments to be transferred from Paypal. The same is true for American Express, sorry.


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