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Message to Bush: "JUST SAY NO" to Olmert's request to make a last stand by bombing Iran.

While everyone is smiling and thinking that the worst is over for US involvement in the Middle East as a result of last weeks elections, I have a warning. This is the calm before the storm. Now is not the time to lay down your arms; now is the time to push for an immediate withdraw before President Bush makes a last ditch attempt to solve all the world's problems by bombing Iran. Bush has nothing left to lose and now is not the time to retreat, meander or hedge the will of the American people. If the troop levels in Iraq continue to rise, then it is a sign of what is ahead for the next two years. A "clamp-down on Iraq" while conducting bombing raids on Iran appears like a possible strategy that will increase and entrench our military in the Middle East for another decade or worse. Remember Cambodia. These are spooky days; days when the administration cheiftans may change, but the plan remains the same.
As the "Pinky and Brain" routine goes,
Pink: "Gee, Brain, what are we going to do tonight?"
Brain: "The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world!"
The Israeli's have dispatched teams of propagandist to our nation to build support for a last-ditch effort, and we, the American people, need to stop such an advance before it is too late. Convince the newly elected leaders to speak out before there is a Gulf of Tonkin event that will drag the New-Era politicians into war. Unless we haven't learned anything about stopping a threat before it is a cause de' media, anything about recognizing the formula for action by this administration, the then we may miss this alarm. We can't trust our leaders to "connect the dots", so we must do it on the streets, by word of mouth. Conservatives and Liberals alike, don't be a victim of policy; make policy. There has to be a better way and now is the time to find it. No New Wars!

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