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OCCUPY! OCCUPY! WALL STREET FIRST! The right to gather and protest peacefully, without a permit, is constitutional and especially since banks, like BANK OF AMERICA are allowed to criminally rip-off the citizens of the United States and elsewhere for the benefit of nameless shareholders. DOWN WITH THE BANKS, UP WITH DEMOCRACTY! STOP THE OLIGARCHY! BUY THIS SHIRT!!!!! Today my daughter and I went to downtown Oakland to the Occupy protest to see what was going on. We took a stencil that read "Occupy" and a pile of shirts and let people spray paint the design onto free t-shirts. It was a lot of fun and educational to some degree. We were unable to stay for the afternoon march, but inspired nonetheless. I am going to post the pictures of old, young and in between spray painting the design on our shirts, as well as, taking off thier own shirts and painting the design in many creative ways. I am in the process of relaunching "" to post future activities from the Occupy movement as it makes sense. Check out the site and with my limited abilities I hope to have something working very soon. Dedicated to Mario Savio, one of the founders of the Free Speech movement in Berkeley in the sixties. Free Bumper Sticker with every t-shirt, or get Occupy Bumper stickers by clicking here.

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