Occupy Bumper Sticker Spray Paint Efffect

These stickers are being used as a fund raiser to buy more t-shirts that we can give out at protest in LA, SF and Oakland. For each $2 spent on a bumper sticker we can purchase 1/2 a blank t-shirt. The other dollar goes to the production cost of the sticker so we can also pass out free bumper stickers around town and at our store in Los Angeles. Side note, we will also include one bumper sticker with each t-shirt purchased online (Those we are selling for $5/ea on white). Go here for the Occupy Spray Paint Effect T-shirt. Lastly we may also sell the stencils directly so that people can spray paint their own t-shirts in other cities around the country. Email me if you are interested in a stencil, because those are more difficult to make we are limited by how many of those we can make. Also if you want to buy a screen with this image we can make you a stretched screen printing frame with this design already exposed on the emulsion and you can print your own t-shirt wherever you are using water based inks. Once again that is an email thing, admin@yque.com. Please visit Free-Speech.org also.


Play with our elaborate Mashup of t-shirt images with the Occupy spray paint text

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