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Today I went to Best Buy to pickup a new Top-Up card for my prepay Virgin Mobile Cell phone service and I was impressed by the number of different "No Contract" phones that were being offered. I talked to my regular guy, who was about to down a Full Throttle Energy drink to start the day off right, and asked if he sells more pre-pay no contract phones than regular contract phones and he said yes. The reason is that everyone has some kind of contract that they are caught in with phone companies and when they need a replacement phone they can't afford a new contract due to the early termination fees and they can't wait for the contract to end because they may have a year or more to go. This proves that prepay phones with no contract as a product is on the rise and rightfully so. I am going to start a comparison of the various services, starting with my own Virgin Mobile (not bad). I've had prepay phones with ATT (bad reception), Verizon (Expensive) and Metro PCS (bad reception) and now I am going to get a Ting mobile cell phone and try their cheapest phone plans to check the service out. They are using the Sprint Network and Sprint in my area is supposed to be pretty good, so we'll see how this goes.

If you want to try your own experiment with Ting cellular devices and give me your opinion, then I can get you a free t-shirt from my website. Here is a link with a $25 off coupon to get started with the Ting Mobile Phone Service.

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