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The New Iotains - Iota based physical coins

Update: May 24, 2018 - The simplest and safest use of these Iotains is to send us your public code, for your own Iota Seed, and we will custom make some coins with that address on the back of the coin. On the front will be the Iota logo and you will be able to distribute these coins so others can send Iotas easily to your account.

Iotains are hard copy cold casted with metal and epoxy Iota logo reliefs in the shape of coins on one side and with the public hash key as QR code printed on the other. There are a variety of options available but each set of coins can be customized to the desired public hash key or made with an arbitrary account that can be used as a wallet for the coins. Iotains are made by hand and are for personal use as a promotional item. Scroll down to read more.

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Details on the Iotains - Iota based coinsThe concept of a hard copy coin that works has evolved to a real world test model of our Iotains. We have a variety of ways that Iotains can be printed and used, but a set of 4 coins will provide a user with enough real Iotains that are unique for their own personal use as a promotional item. We can attach the coins to an Iota wallet for promotional purposes or you can send in your public hash key for an iota account and we can customize the coins (add $5.00).

The basic coins are made with a iota logo relief on one side and the public hash key on the other. We will print the public key of your account on a scratch resistant sticker that will allow these coins to be distributed as a promotion of your own account for receiving funds. This is the simplest and safest method of using Iotas and should not in any way release access to your personal Seed. If you use this method (where we generate the public hash key) it is not 100% secure. We would suggest that you only use it for fun and with small amounts of iota. If we use your public hash key it should be secure as you have not released your seed code to us.

The graphic QR Code will also be accompanied by the actual letters that make up the public-key for receiving funds that will circle the QR code. You can also choose to have 2 Iotains with a seed under the Iota logo instead of the 4-pack with no Seed if you prefer. The seed will be the same for both coins and the logo on top will have to be removed to get to the seed. The other side of the coins will have a public-key. These are for promotional purposes so we do not recommend using any significant amounts of money on this seed account. This is a self-contained unit, so if you put value on the coins and give it to someone, then they will have all they need to get started with Iota. Great for a fun present and for educational purposes.

The third option is to have one coin with a uniquely created Seed code and 2 coins that will only have the public-key. This allows a personal wallet to be established with the provided Seed, but we do not recommend using any significant amount of money with this account. This would be for promotional purposes only. This method allows you to have one coin as a secret base and two coins that you can give away for someone to send money to the account. Again, this is for promotional purposes and not 100% secure for large amounts of Iota unless you move the Iota to your own fully protected account.

We are in the final stage of testing, but feel free to go ahead with a test order using either method. Security is of our highest concern, but we are limited to the reality that in order to make these promotional coins with a Seed, we have to generate the Seed and print it, which is inherently not secure. I will outline the steps we take to make it as secure as we can make it for the cost involved. We are not selling you a bullet-proof wallet, only a tool for using iota with a fun and decorative coin. If you were going to put any significant amount of money in this account you should quickly move it to a wallet created with your own safely and securely created seed, not one generated by us.

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