Morning Run a disaster - Santa Monica and back in heavy traffic - Lime Juice

I'm not one to quickly judge, but if I had to reach a conclusion on the first morning run it would be "No, Don't Do It!!!". I had to let the charger bump up the scooter that was previously charged to get it back over 95% and that delayed my departure to drive one scooter all the way to Santa Monica. Santa Monica appears to be the only place that has hubs, its over 45 minutes away, so I was about to be late on my first 7am drop off. I took the back streets of Hollywood because I saw a scooter that was ready for harvesting and it looked fresh enough that it may be there. It was and thank gosh it was because I didn't get another chargable scooter then entire morning.

I battled the 10 freeway and got into Santa Monica off Lincoln street and made the drop of the charged scooter with 3 minutes to spare. Woo Hoo, I made $10. This would've been a huge waste if I missed the drop time. I saw lots of birds and a few people rolling those around.

My next effort was to check Santa Monica for scooters to harvest (pickup and take back for charging). There seemed to be a good amount of Lime scooters on the app, but it was a fool's errand. Santa Monica had been picked clean and I was chasing ghost scooters. I finally found one that was at the location shown and it flashed broken, so I left it where I found it and made the right comments in the app. This is where the work really is and the cost-free benefit for Lime. For every missed scooter that isn't there I am alerting them that it isn't there. With that information they can conclude what to do on the next step, but for me I am out the gas cost, the time and the effort of walking around hitting a bell signal to try and find the little shit. That's my new knickname for the elusive Lime Scooters, Little Shits. Scooter where are you. F finally found a second scooter and after ten or so trys I headed back to my area in Hollywood to get these things Juicing. It turns out the second scooter doesn't charge and is basically broken. I put made the comments in the app and put it out on the street. One scooter dropped off and one scooter picked up.

Math: 60 miles in traffic, 3 gallons minimum, $12 not counting wear and tear on vehicle. 4 hours of driving to get to Santa Monica and back. Total income $10, not counting electrical cost. But hey, it got me up early.

Later in the day I was informed the broken scooter can be turned in for $4, no need to charge it. I also checked the map constantly, like playing Pokemon, and saw one scooter in K-town. I dropped what I was doing and headed out at 3pm. Took about 1 hour, but I got another scooter. My estimates are 15 total, 3 Lime Scooters that can be juiced for approx $10/ea and 2 broken scooters (1 that I can turn in for $40). This is a 20% retrieval rate so far. I plan to go out tonight at the release time of 9pm, which is later than it previously was. Hopefully there will be a few scooters in my area.


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