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Make Your Car Punk with or Sport Punk with Team Colors- Punk Rock Ransom Note Font Flat Epoxy Emblems

The colors shown above are San Francisco SF Giants Orange and Black. These are the simplest and easiest to install punk rock emblems ever. The entire back is a magnet and the front is finished with an aluminum chrome look that will blend into the trunk of your car, just like the official car logo. Don't be satisfied with the stock logo for your commuter couch, punk it up with an additional word or slogan that will catch the attention of the asshole driving too close behind you when he reads the word, "A-S-S-H-O-L-E". These car emblems are cast in epoxy and they are made to last with real bronzing powder pigments that can't break down. These are a bit smaller than our raised emblems and are less likely to be stolen because they blend in better by being flatter and about one to 1 1/2" inch tall. Input the letters below for the slogan you want. Free Shipping, just use the coupon code, "car" when checking out.

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