Wholesale Candles Printed

Recent breakthroughs in Screen printing technology for t-shirt printing is forcing me to update the information on these pages to offer the newest products that are technologically advanced in making my life easier and more productive as a t-shirt printing. Reusable screens that stretch up to 30 Newtons. Clear photo sensitive emulsion and discharge t-shirt printing inks that don't emit an odor. I am not sure if I should start selling more of these products or just write about them. Check for more updates at: tshirtsorg.blogspot.com

Silk Screen Printing Services: Wholesale Screen Printing Supplies
Screen Printing Screens
Variety of Mesh and Sizes
Wooden Frames
Stretched frames with 110 Mesh, 160 Mesh, 125 Mesh and 210 Mesh. The biggest problem with screen printing supplies is the cost and problems associated with shipping.

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