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Magnet Hats

These Magnet Hats have were created, designed and patented by Bill Wyatt and are exclusively available through Y-Que. This magnet hat concept was for our customers who want a cool hat that they can change the slogan or image on quickly. It is great for parties, protest and customizing for a logo or design. Each hat comes with a complete magnet set with multiples of the most common letters.

The base surface is mounted on the hat and some people just buy the hat without letters because it looks industrial and cool. The letters lock in to the base allowing up to three lines of text to be placed across the hat. Typically you can spell 7-8 letter words across quite reasonably. We can also print high resolution images that can be placed on the front of the hat as a full design or logo. One baseball team that we made hats for used a print for their team logo and then would spell the knick-names for each player to wear during the game and the magnets stayed on. Great for custom hat jobs and available in a variety of styles including mesh trucker hats and snap back hats.

The Magnet hats are available in a wide range of colors, but currently the font is limited to black and white letters. The best use for these hats is to switch slogans for wearing to rallies and protest events. The punk rock ransom note font is screen printed on vinyl magnets and lends itself well to protest slogans like "FUCK DONALD TRUMP!"

Magnet Hats with interchangable letters and or images Magnetic Hat image
Magnet Hats with interchangable letters and or images Magnetic Hat image

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