yQue Trading post in California is legally breeding and developing unique strains of weed for sale.

Purchase your own strain, unique dna, never before grown strains. We have been mixing and matching cannabis strains and have had some success in growing out the plants we've developed. So much so that we can never fully realize or grow out the remaining strains that should also be equally successful combinations of high quality strains that are currently on the market. Once you have purchased the strain from yQue, you can name it want you want. As a copyright and trademark you can register the name and promote it as you want. Or just keep the new hybrid strain for personal use.

For the intellectual property minded you can consider developing your strain as a commercial product. There are three different vehicles through which IP protection for cannabis can be granted at the federal level. They are:

1. U.S. Utility Patents, 2. U.S. Plant Patents, and 3. USDA Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Certificates.

Buy your own cannabis strain as seeds - Name it yourself, full weed strain seeds strains$1,000.00Quantity:

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