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Lunch Lady action figure  - Out of Stock

Whether you went to a posh private school or a bullet-riddled public school, we all have some scholastic memories in common in a Jungian sort of way. We all had homework (whether we did any or not), we, at one time or another, had strikingly unfortunate crushes, and our futures were partially determined by a lunch lady.

Some gradually built their immunities by regularly partaking in Salisbury steaks and sloppy joes while others, having forgotten their paper bag or lunch box, waited nervously in Pandora's lunch line, unsure of what inevitability would bring.

But whether the palate was refined or pallid, don't let this universally recognizable archetype fall to the wayside of the human experience. Nay, celebrate it with this lunch lady action figure.

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The origin and development of the Salisbury steak
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