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Lifetime Guarantee Fitted T-shirts - No Matter What

A t-shirt that you will come to love and when your love is over you can send it back and get a new one. These t-shirts, by are being sold with a Lifetime Guarantee, which means if you get bigger or smaller, spill a drink or make a tear in your shirt, you can send it back and get a new one at half off the original price of the shirt. All you have to do is pay 50% of the shirt cost and the shipping and handling, which is currently $3.50, and we'll hook you up with fresh cotton.

Try one, try many and never have to worry about your t-shirt wardrobe again. No restrictions on the quantity of t-shirts that you return, or if you have printed on them or not.

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Return Shirt Shipping Fee - currently $3.50This section is for purchasing a return shipping label for the Lifetime Guarantee T-shirts. All you do is purchase a return slip for the number of t-shirts you want to exchange, then print the final receipt and put it in with the t-shirts that you are returning. Please wash the shirts first, but it does not matter what condition the physical garment is in as far as wear and tear goes, we will process it as a rag and return you a brand new t-shirt of the same quality as the new one you originally purchased.

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