Jay Z Mugshot Hit Me! Black T-shirt

When shit goes down in an elevator it is supposed to be private, but in today's world, not-so-much. Jay-Z boarded an elevator that was supposed to be a 3-minute tour to the lobby of The Standard Hotel, but it has spawned into a media phenomenon. The chicken fight style kicks of Solange at Jay-Z while Beyoncé stood back is like a bad fuzzy dream that is all over the internet. Sure Jay-Z could've knocked Solange out, but most likely didn't because he is Guilty of something. Never has the catch phrase from his song 99 Problems, "Hit Me!", been more appropriate than on this Hit Me t-shirt with a Jay-Z mugshot. Wear it while it is still fresh, but don't wear it in an elevator. This t-shirt is screen printed and available in Mens and Womens sizes.

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