The Greater Recession Tshirt

The recession is an excuse to fire people, thin the herds, get more for less and generally speaking screw more people. The recession is over because of the basic principles of survival by the corporations that benefit by having an excuse to get rid of older employees and lower wages. Don't believe the hype and admit that it is way easier to allow corporations to be evil if you think that your economic survival is at stake. I call it the Great Repression, not the Great Recession. Buy the t-shirt and keep me in business so I can keep coming up with this type of crazy shit. There's more where this came from and this is only the begining. I don't have any proof, but my suspicions are usually justifiable and generally correct, but it may take 10-20 years until it is understood and by then nobody remembers shit anyway, unless you have the t-shirt. Buy it now and where it when it makes sense.

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