I Pirate Hollywood Black T-shirt

This shirt says a lot while saying nothing at all. Let the symbols do the talking. Are you sick of hearing all of the doom and gloom from internet pirating as if the movie industry has not screwed the audience every inch of the way. What I am sick of is the potential collusion between the movie industry and the propaganda machine of the government. This is the first time in history when the movie industry needs the government to pass laws that limit civil liberties to insure their profits and the government has a submissive partner in oppressing our rights to distribute information. Together they make one sick little puppy that will create the propaganda and the laws that will destroy the creative potential of the "digital revolution". Big Brother can only exist if the media industry allows intrusive behavior to exist. This is the first time in history when the media industry needs the government to create laws that will insure their profits and they will support intrusive measures to get those laws.

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Piracy: ISPs must pay up - Just add my booty cost to my phone bill, arggh!

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