Iota Wallet Hat with Security QR Code editing account

The Wallet Hat has been developed as a flexible way to allow your published Receiving address for cryptocurrency to be worn on a Trucker Hat. The receiving address can be edited on the link and copied easily for a user to send money to the appropriate link. Other backup links for more information can also be added to the QR code linked page. One size adjustable hats.

Iota is our Crypto currency of choice because of it's unique environment and fee-less attributes. Informational links are provided on the QR Code editing interface here: in order to help users understand the benefits of iota as a technological medium.

Each hat is made with a unique website location that it points to and the passkey is printed inside the hat itself. Once you gain access, with the hat in your possession, you will be able to modify the receiving address to any wallet or location you want.

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