I hate the environment - Green Print t-shirt

I hate the environment - white t-shirt

Nature is stupid.

New fresh spring colors, green on green(subtle). We're covering a lot of ground with this one. You may hate the environment, environmentalists, the weather, the ocean, insects -- whatever, we're not going to split hairs here. We have no patience left for whales and spotted owls and such, we just want nicely packaged products and lots of them. And when we're done with them we want to throw them away. We don't ever want to get another sunburn as long as we live. Old growth forests? Cut 'em down to make drink coasters. Fresh air? Give us new car smell any day. The ocean? It's too big and too cold and dark. It's our planet and we can do with it whatever we like.

Forget nature, just write the whole thing off. And if your kids never get the chance to climb a tree, well then they won't know what they're missing, will they?

The shirt that we print this design on is the Next Level 3600 fitted t-shirts and the Next Level 3300L t-shirts for women. If you want a different t-shirt please specify the t-shirt brand, color and style number in the comments section when checking out. Youth sizes are only available in White, Black Heather Grey, Midnight Navy, Red, and Turquoise.

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Richard sporting an environmentally sensitive statementRichard sporting an environmentally sensitive statement
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