I Hate the Economy Text Design T-shirt

Update: Since the last economic stimulus BS package there have been a few changes with the economy, such as, the economic meltdown, the increased anxiety about the Presidential candidates and the lack of confidence that exist since none of the responsible parties for the meltdown seem to take any responsibility for the fix. We really have some reasons to hate the economy now. The most amazing thing about Bernanke's statements prior to the worldwide interest rate reduction that never seems to trickle down to real-world rate cuts, is that the industrial part of our economy, which has been the throw-away part representing 15%, has been rebounding and it is an unknown how the service sector, which represents 80% of the economy is going to perform. Think about this while you are wearing your t-shirt listed above.

Original commentary: The Economy is a fickle bastard built on illusion and greed. If you are going to hate anything you may as well hate the economy since you have absolutely no control over it, but it controls you. - You can't live with it and you can't live without it, but there is no reason why you can't hate it, since it doesn't give a shit about you. The US economy is the only economy since the Romans that has to pay it's citizens to go out and buy stuff to keep them happy during an election year. If History repeats itself then you can see where that got the Romans. Hate the economy now, while you still can, on these fashionable t-shirts. Economic Stimulus Taxpayer refund checks accepted at all Y-Que locations and whereever t-shirts are sold.

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