I Hate Bank Of America White T-shirt

I hate Bank of America. It is as simple as that. I hate being ripped off and scammed by a large company that is living off of fees charged anyway they can get them. I don't have time to keep track of the rip-offs that B of A has created, but the most recent situation includes overdraft fees on transactions that were pending and although I made a cash deposit, the bank showed the pending transactions that were $1.00, $10.00 and $200.00 as over the limit, even though my positive bank balance showed as $416.00 on the print out receipt. I am waiting to see if I get charged late fees or overdraft fees on all 3 transactions, even though only one of the transactions could've possibly caused a negative balance for what amounts to a milisecond of transaction time. They tell me that the bank does credits before debits. If that was the case then there would be no overdraft. The bank says that it credits cash immediately. If that was the case then there would be no overdraft. The bank implies that there is some coast associated with this type of fake overdraft. The only cost is going to be the wasted customer service time that it will consume while I rant and rave about this crime. I have a feeling they are going to try and charge me 3 overdraft fees and I have to lose sleep and stress out on how much to put in the bank to cover said fees. I am trying to reduce my banking, but it is difficult to not use a bank that is right across the street from my business, but the cost of being robbed every other day are not worth it. I am making this t-shirt to sell to get back my money from these 3-Card Monty Jerks. I hate Bank Of America and plan to wear this shirt every time I have to go over there. In fact I am going to hang one in the window of my business. Complaining to the bank won't make a difference as even thousands of protestors have done over the past few months. I don't expect anything to come of this, but I have always wanted to make a shirt like this especially for Bank of America, now the time has come. I hate Bank of America.

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