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I Am Pussy Riot White T-shirt - Send it to Putin

Mail Mob the Russian Embassy on behalf of Pussy Riot! - We are mass mailing individual Pussy Riot T-shirts to Vladimir Putin care of the Russian Embassy in NYC or DC. Let's block the entrance and fill the courtyard of the Russian Embassy with Pussy Riot T-Shirts!

This shirt is made as an inexpensive way to send a political message to Putin and his cronies; we are just covering our costs on this ($5 for shirt and $4.50 for shipping and handling individual mailers via US Mail).

Putin's been wearing no clothes for too long. We have made these shirts affordable for the purpose of this protest via mail.

There is also a coupon code "pussyriot" (no spaces), use it when checking out and it will make the shipping free.

We are working on a certificate or printable recognition for you to have for participating in the Flashmail event in support of the Free Speech rights of Pussy Riot.

If you order this shirt we will ship it to the Russian Embassy in Washington DC. address to Vladimir Putin at 2650 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20007. Since Putin is often shown without a shirt this gesture may solve two problems with one shirt.

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