I Am Pussy Riot  or Free Pussy Riot Buckle Stamp

We have merged the art of punk rock stamping with fashionable wearable items by making a belt buckle that is also a rubber stamp. By wearing a Buckle Stamp you can always have your tool ready to break out and leave your mark. The metal frame of the Buckle is perfect for pressing down the rubber stamp and leaving a lasting impression. It also stores well on most any waist. Available in either Free Pussy Riot or I Am Pussy Riot buckles. This is a new item that has just been developed and is the first of it's kind on the market. Belt not included, but we can sell you a cheap belt if you want for a couple of bucks. Just make a comment and indicate the waist size in the comments section. Ink Pad not included.

bucklestamppussyriot$20.00Design:  Quantity:

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